Boba Tea Kit | Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, 5 count (pack of 1)

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Make your own Boba tea in 30 seconds easily
Put the pearls into the microwave 30 seconds, add in cold water and milk tea powder and a cup of Boba tea is done.

Boba tea with No caffeine even child can drink easily
Only three ingredient, brown sugar, milk, pearls, makes child and women during pregnancy and breastfeeding to drink at ease

Low heat roasting Taiwan brown sugar
Taiwan brown sugar is full of nutrition, after low heat roasting for a long time, it kept the nutrient content from the sucrose which brings less burden to your body.

Brown sugar pearls store at room temperature/ No preservatives
Special technique avoids the pearls affected by temperature and makes it easy to carry, healthy and convenient.

Boba tea from Taiwan
OK tea is a popular tea brand on internet which comes from the cradle of pearl milk tea – Taiwan.

New Zealand milk resource
Insist to use New Zealand milk source to make every cup of milk tea has rich milk flavor. OK Tea has natural milk source instead of traditional creamer and this is how True milk tea got its name.


Brewing Method

Step 1

Partially open the pearls bag and heat up in microwave for 15-30 seconds.

Step 2

Pour 100ml of water into a cup, add the pearls and milk tea powder and stir well

Step 3

Pour 150ml cold or hot water to make your own Pearl Milk Tea.

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